Welcomes to the official site of Daemonia. We have created this site for you, to inform you about our musical projects and our live concerts in Italy and abroad. In addiction, in the online shop, you can buy the CDs of Daemonia; Live... or dead, samples of the tracks are avalaible in the discography area in Real Audio format, and the new box of the DVD DAEMONIA-LIVE IN LOS ANGELES which also includes the CD of the completely re-arranged soundtrack of the George Romero's film ZOMBI/DAWN OF THE DEAD with three studio extra bonus tracks: ROLLER , TOCCATA E FUGA and IL CARTAIO/THE CARD PLAYER.

You'll find also the CDs of Claudio Simonetti: Classics in Rock, Opera, Demoni, The end of Millenium, The Versace Murder and the VHS (just in PAL SYSTEM) of Simonetti Horror Project. Don't be too scared!

Claudio Simonetti - Daemonia